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Crisis Energy “Oil”. So What’s that The Problems ?

lately, we always listen about Iran, Crisis Energy “Oil”, ect. some poeple talk “why could happened ?. There’s many media talking about that, and i wanna comment too about that “Why could happened”  based on my vision goggles i’ve ever seen on the news, article, ect..

The Western or European countries have been thought, that Iran develop nuclear programs to make a weapons nuclear. but iran claim, they develop nuclear not for make a weapons but just make a engery alternatif, examples as power plant, and other needs that require the energy.

information based on an article that I read ;

[ The U.S. and its western allies allege that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program while they have never presented corroborative evidence to substantiate their allegations against the Islamic Republic.

Iran plans to construct additional nuclear power plants to provide for the electricity needs of its growing population.

Iran currently suffers from an electricity shortage that has forced the country into adopting a rationing program by scheduling power outages – of up to two hours a day – across both urban and rural areas.

Iran insists that it should continue enriching uranium because it needs to provide fuel to a 300-megawatt light-water reactor it is building in the southwestern town of Darkhoveyn as well as its first nuclear power plant in the southern port city of Bushehr. ]

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