Bios Function Menu

Standard CMOS Features

Basic menu configuration time, date, floppy drives, etc.

Advanced BIOS Features

Set the system setting for instance, set the first boot, specify the security system, speed up the boot process, etc.

Advanced Chipset Features

Set The system configuration memory, VGA, etc

Integrated Peripherial

Setting the hardware that is mounted on the mainboard / On board

Power Management Setup

Setting the power system for monitor, hard disk, etc

PnP / PCI Configurations

Set the equipment with the PCI and the devices that were introduced by default by the computer.

PC Helath Status

For determine the condition of the processor temperature, fan rotation, etc.

Frequency / Voltage Control

Setting frequency control Prosesor

Load High Performance Defaults

Optimal setting for the best and ignore the strict stability of the computer

Load Optimized Defaults

Set the standards and optimal setting is not too tight

Set Supervisor Password

Give the password with full access unlimited

Set User Password

Give the password with limited access

Save & Exit Setup

Save and exit configuration setting

Exit Without Saving

Exit without configuration setting

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