Still merely an idea

this idea appear when i was follow in the Indigo Fellowship event 2011..

Talking about traveling is fun, what more could travel together with your friends, but sometimes we are often plagued with ignorance locations or places of interest to visit. For example, For example, there are people who have been living a certain area, butnot too aware that there are areas in town, so he was always causing trouble whentraveling to new areas, although still in the area of Jakarta. Do you know the locations of existing exotic nan unique in Jakarta and surrounding areas..? for example, Do you know the location of the sale of auto parts / spare parts of the cheapest vehicles to be where ..? Did you know that the cheapest computer sales centers located where ..? Maybe some of you there who already know most of these places, but what about the other person, so less about knowing which the locations of interest ..?

With the “pintukemanasaja” will help everyone to find out all the locations that he wanted to visit, because “” will provide clues not only the tourist places, but also there are many categories of other locations such as wholesale centers , Center for snacks (eating places), “hangout”, public areas, stations, and many others.
The system is web-based base especially with so many smart phones currently circulating in the community is certainly much needed support an application that is useful for the purposes of any person. So it is expected application can be accessed by everyone

Pintukemanasaja” also provides a place to stakeholders who have an interest to hold an events specified in a way to promote it through this website, while also providing an opportunity for companies to promote their products
So that it can generate income or revenue for pintukemanasaja in terms of advertising / promotion of the companies.

explanation of the system..

The explanation of this system is very simple, which is based on mobile web application.The system is expected to have ease of access and also has a very interesting (userfriendly). Because this application will be displayed on the display will start with an imagelike a game of “monopoli” of a game when we were kids.

the pictures above will be filled with the names of the locations contained in the system, so it seems like the system to play.

To be able to access this system, we are required to register in advance or have an account, then once registered then may access this system and explore all of the information contained therein, and of course the system is in the list it for free, paying only when there are agencies, individual / companies that want to conduct a campaign on thisapplication (with certain terms and conditions).

Categories of places that exist within this application as:

1. aoutomotive center   4. public service

2. state parks                     5. food

3. center for IT                 6. sport station


unfortunately, my idea that I try to pour it in the event that does not work, so it does not / yet I continue. maybe might be an idea that I gave, already similar  there application with like it.

actually, I think if we want to create a new things, able to create something that did not exist from the previous, or modification existing ones become more interesting and innovative.. whereas the concept that I have made, the apperance interesting by using an entertaining and good look, it looks like the game monopoli


keep trying and trying..  😀


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