Theorizing Knowledge in Organization

This chapter provides an overview of the development of research findings and theories related to knowledge management.

In the resource view, knowledge is conceptualized as an object that exists largely in formal documents or online artifacts amenable to organizing and manipulation. The process view, on the other hand, largely emphasized the emergent nature of knowledge that is often embedded within o person or within organizational routines, activities, and outcomes, or arises from the interplay of person and exiting information or knowledge. While both perspective may very significantly in terms of the scope for the “Management” of knowledge, it is still worth exploring the issues and debate surrounding practice of creating, gathering, and sharing knowledge within organization.

Knowledge as Resource and Process

It is held that the knowledge that the firm possesses is a source of sustainable competitive advantage, and is, accordingly regarded as a strategic resource of the firm in need of management attention. On the other hand, through the process view, organizations are thought of as information processing and knowledge generating system [Grant, R., 1996].
Baumard, P. [1999] proposes looking at knowledge in organization along two dimensions: tacit explicit versus individual-collective. He divines for quadrats in which knowledge types are situated: tacit-individual (intuitiveness), tacit-collective (social practice), explicit-individual (expertise), and explicit-collective (rules).

So, participation from the group’s member in organization is more hopely in the increasing organization objectiveness..

Chapter 3. Knowledge Management (KM) Process in Organization that was writen by Claire R. McInerney and Michael E.D. Koenig


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