Solo is also championed as a UNESCO Creative City







Solo / Surakarta New7Wonders fighting in the arena as the Best City in Asia Pacific and Oceania, the city also turned out to be championed Indonesia to be oneversion of the UNESCO Creative Cities.

UNESCO Creative Cities is a network of creative cities are working together toward the mission of cultural diversity and sustainable development. Selected cities will be included in a network that consists of the activities UNESCO City of Literature, Film City, Music City, the City People’s Craft and Art, City Design, City of Media Arts, and City ofGastronomy. The town is already selected, for example, Bogota is a city of Sydney as acity of music or movies.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network aims at developing international cooperation between cities and encourage the development partnership. Selected cities to share experiencesand create new opportunities with other cities, especially for creative economic activityand tourism.

Solo was going to ‘play’ with the city of Bandung and Yogyakarta becauseKemenparekraf not determine which of the three cities that will be submitted to the UNESCO Creative Cities.

Until now, there are 31 cities in the world to be part of the UNESCO Creative Cities.

we should be proud of Indonesia.. 😀

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