intoduction knowledge management


Knowledge Management  is a collection of tools, techniques, and strategies to maintain, analyze, organize, enhance, and share understanding and experience. Understanding and experience of such a building on the knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in the actual application process and an organization. The focus of the Knowledge Management is to find new ways to channel raw data into useful forms of information, and finally into knowledge.

Knowledge Management Activities  is usually associated with organizational objectives such as to achieve a specific outcome such as shared knowledge, improved performance, competitive advantage, or higher levels of innovation. In general, the motivation of organizations to implement the MP include:
1. Making related to the development of knowledge products and services becomeavailable in the form of explicit
2. Achieve new product development cycle faster
3. Facilitating and managing organizational innovation and learning
4. Cog-leverage the expertise of people across the organization
5. Improve networking connectivity between internal and external personal
6. Managing the business environment and enables employees to gain understanding andideas relevant to their work-related
7. Managing intellectual capital and intellectual assets in the workplace

So, I think the conclusion is..

if any organization or company can manage with better Knowledge Management, the company is able to run the company with good business as well, according to what the goals and objectives of the company. work becomes more effective and efficient as it has knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the company owned its own, so the company knows how to manage, better manage human resources, business environment, competitors, financial, and others.
so management is not only limited knowledge of scientific theory only, but in the form of art how to make an organization or company to be developed, successfully according tothe ideals of the company.

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